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Pelvic Floor Training -

 perfect for women and men 

​"The unbelievable smoothness in and within the pelvis inspired me to call my training tigerfeeling". Such a flexible, strong and sensual pelvis feels like a pelvis of a wildcat and is very elegant in his moving. It is the center, the base for all movement. “

Statement by Benita Caniteni

This statement brings it to the point, what the pelvic floor training is for me. The pelvic floor is always in conjunction with the muscles of the back, the tummy and the legs, the whole posture and the breathing. The aim of the training is the activation of the intrinsic muscles for the best support of the spine due to the demands in each and every situation. Activation and releasing of the muscles are equally important.

This training is important for everyone!

Ideal for everyone

  • sitting too much,

  • prior and after surgery e.g. back, bladder, hysterectomy, cesareans, prostate, bowels,…

  • during pregnancy and after giving birth,

  • prevention of prolapses and haemorrhoids

  • a flat tummy and slim thighs,

  • back, neck & foot problems

  • better, more & intense enjoyment

  • general well-being

This pelvic floor training is the perfect pelvic floor training for women and men – awakens the power that comes from your centre.

Discover and awaken the power of your pelvic floor – for more elasticity, suppleness, vitality and enjoyment in life!

The exercises are gentle and safe. They’re also fun to do, will easily fit into your daily routine, and the results are immediate. Say goodbye to a weak bladder, incontinence, prolapses, back complaints like e.g. scoliosis, difficulties with the sacroiliac-joint etc. and retrain how you move to welcome a lighter and more flexible body.

“One-on-One-Trainings” for women and men – 45 min

With a group of max. 3 people individual arrangements are possible.

For more information please ask Susanne Smeeton

Phone: 03 5222 1299

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