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Susanne's specials

With the following three kinds of treatments I want to introduce you to my unique and special treatments which are either almost unknown or undervalued in Australia.

Each of the different treatments has the ability to improve your health and well-being to a new level. Sorting out problems you have had for a long time - nothing dramatic was shown in any medical reports - you just didn’t feel right.

Here is my invitation for you to step out of the square. Come and enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary treatment and be surprised by the outcome.

Lymphatic Drainage 

based on the Emmett Technique

Would you like to improve your quality of life?

This we can do for you by improving your circulation and assists reducing negative effects of having medications by a simple, fast and easy treatment.

Feel better!

Using the unique Australian Emmett Technique, a muscle release therapy to increase the lymphatic flow this treatment has been known to assist with

  • release of excess body fluid

  • improve your immune system

  • increase your energy levels

  • total body relaxation

I always recommend a Lymphatic Drainage when you know you are not sick or ill, but you just don't feel right: e.g.

  • you don't wake up recovered even after a good night sleep;

  • you can't focus properly;

  • you are lacking of energy;

  • you feel puffy/sluggish; when you just can't get rid of a cold;

  • your immun system is struggling;

  • getting through the day is just a bit harder as it usually was;

  • when you have to take a lot of medication and they seem not to be as effective any more;

  • when you are pregnant or you go through menopause; ....

It is also a very good preparation prior to surgery to get your Lymphatic system ready for surgery and soon after surgery to assist your body to get rid of chemicals and toxins, like left overs from Anaesthetics.

As this treatment is safe and very effective it is also suitable for pregnant Ladies.

Time: about 30 min

Get back to your quality of life!

HAPPY FEET - Massage

  • Are your feet sore, your ankles swollen or are your feet tired because you have to stand at work all day long?

  • Would you like your feet to feel better?

Enjoy a treatment for improving your feet & the whole body!

Based on the Emmett Technique and the Thai-Nuad-Body-Work-Technique we developed our own massage procedure for the feet and lower legs.

This massage has the ability to assist your feet and lower legs to

increase circulation

reduce swelling

have a better balance

improve your general health and well being

Time: about 30 min

Enjoy the experience!

Massage with singing bowls

by Peter Hess (Germany)

  • Do you look for a very gentle massage to relax your muscles?

  • Physical and emotional regeneration?

  • How to strengthen your trust in life?

Enjoy a treatment with my singing bowls!

Massages with singing bowls, gongs etc. have been used for more than 5000 years in the Indian healing art.

This modality is based on the fact that the body consists to about 70% of water.

If you throw a stone in a silent lake, you can watch the ripples on the surface.

Through playing the singing bowls on and around your body, every cell of your body starts to swing, tight muscles are gently relaxed and the body feels better connected. The earthy, clear tones will calm your whole body-mind-soul-system.

Time: about 30 min

Enjoy while you listen to your own unique sound!​

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